One God.  One Church.  One in Worship.

April 30, 2017 at Hamilton Park UMC

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Do you know what you’re doing April 30th?  Let me tell you what we are doing! We are keeping ONE going in a BIG way! We are worshiping together, we will sing together, we will praise our Awesome God together.  Oh and, by the way, this we I’m talking includes you

One Church.  On October 25, 2014, the youth ministries of the churches of the United Methodist North Texas Annual Conference came together in one place to worship, plan, learn, and devote time to growing together in one place. On April 10th, 2016 ONE decided to do something different-we decided to focus on a time to worship, we decided to focus on singing, praying, and listening to an incredible speaker, Rev. Richie Butler.

We will do it all again, on April 30th, 2017!

One Day.  One day filled with passionate worship, vibrant teaching, intentional fellowship, and loads of fun.

The purpose of the ONE event is threefold:  1) to provide an excellent worship experience rooted in the Wesleyan tradition, 2) to bring the youth ministries of the conference together for a shared experience, 3) to promote involvement in the local church by exciting youth about their home church and equipping churches to continue the work begun at One at home.

In addition to worship services, we'll have snacks, games, human hungry hippo, spoken word, basketball, crafts and more!

We will collect an offering during our closing worship toward our Youth Service Fund. This year's Youth Service Fund (YSF) will be sent to the national fund, Jesus Freaks in the Streets (JFiTs) and North Texas Go Camp.

ONE is a can’t-miss opportunity for your youth and your youth ministry.  

Come to ONE to bring our churches together.  

Come to ONE to experience passionate, Methodist worship.  

Come to ONE to get your youth excited about Christ, about the Church, and about going home to grow and serve in the local church.

ONE will be hosted at Hamilton Park UMC in Dallas, Texas on April 30th 2017!

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Mighty is the Young People's Ministries' Program Development Director for the Central Conferences. The coolest part of his role is that he gets to work with awesome youth and young adult leaders, and adult workers around the world. "I am husband to Charina, and Tatay (Filipino term for Daddy) to Malcolm. I'm new to Nashville, TN: I'm working on my hybrid Southern-Filipino accent. (Probably not making a lot of progress there.)"

Schedule of the Day

1:30 Registration - Welcome Desk

2:00 Opening Worship

3:02 Games and Small Groups

3:30 Bands, Spoken Word, Games, Snacks, Wesley Foundation Meet & Greet

4:30 Closing Worship (Will include an offering for Youth Service Fund)

5:30 The Road Home