Ministry Safe

WHAT IS MINISTRYSAFE? MinistrySafe Abuse and Prevention Systems provide Sexual Abuse Awareness Training (live and online) to assist child care entities and organizations in the design and implementation of safety systems which reduce the risk of sexual abuse.

WHO DOES MINISTRYSAFE PROTECT? The Center for Leadership Development believe MinistrySafe will provide an improved comprehensive program to ensure all children, youth and vulnerable persons have a safe haven, and that all of our churches are a place of sacred trust and security. MinistrySafe is designed and implemented in the North Texas Conference to help keep the people and our churches safe.

WHEN DOES MINISTRYSAFE TAKE EFFECT? The Center for Leadership Development proposed, and it was passed at the 2012 North Texas Annual Conference that all congregations are transitioned and required to have MinistrySafe implemented (training of staff/volunteers, policies and procedures, online maintenance) no later than January 1, 2013.

WHY ARE WE CHANGING TO MINISTRYSAFE? Effective April 1, 2012, the North Texas Conference (NTC) changed insurance carriers to MHBT. The new insurance coverage requires that the NTC have a consistent and comprehensive safety prevention system for all the congregations; MinistrySafe is the official resource for safety awareness.


- Review both the FAQ & Sample Policies and Procedures

- Form the Oversight Committee to begin brainstorming implementation strategies

- Go to

- Watch the video on the homepage

- Log in using the church’s GCFA number as username and password

The transition to MinistrySafe will initially require a significant amount of time. However, the long-term benefits of becoming more aware and helping to safeguard against potential incidents, will result in the confidence of safety for our children, youth and vulnerable adults.