Leading Congregations Effectively - 2016 Emphasis for Center for Leadership Development

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Leading Worship

Management of Self and Others

Adaptive Decision-Maker

Connectional Leader

Relational Leader

Equipping Leader

Innovative Leader

  • Discovery Weekend is a spiritual retreat for middle school youth, held in your local church, that engages high school youth in leadership. 

    To learn more about Discovery Weekend, visit Discovery.UpperRoom.org

  • Finally... a resource that invites individuals and small groups into a process of discovering a maturing relationship as disciples of Jesus Christ. This interactive guide provides six months of engaging activities (devotional, relational, educational, developmental, and practical) around six key dimensions of discipleship:

    •A Life of Worship

    •A Life of Hospitality

    •A Life Opening to Jesus

    •A Life Obeying Jesus

    •A Life of Service

    •A Life of Generosity

    Get your copy here!

  • This book is a must-read for anyone who has ever tried to energize or grow a ministry. Christian Coon takes us through his own missteps and mistakes as the co-founder of the Urban Village Church--as well as those of others working to do the same--and shows how failure can serve as a springboard to new possibilities and even a closer connection to God and what leadership means. Woven together with honesty, humility, and humor, we learn to look on failure as an actual gift that can be the gateway to a deeper journey.

  • In the broken world in which we live, there are many opportunities to share with others our mission of seeking "to proclaim Christ's good news, the gospel of peace and justice - and to be active in the sacred ministry of reconciliation." May God continue to bless LMPC as we seek to follow -and share- Christ's way of peace.

  • COURAGEworks is an online learning community developed to bring Brene Brown's research on courage, vulnerability, shame, and worthiness to a global audience. Offerings include eCourses, workshops, and interviews developed for anyone who is ready for braver living, loving, and leading.

  • Joe E. Pennel, JR.

  • Howard Clinebell, Bridget Clare McKeaver

  • John Patton

  • Adam Hamilton, Mike Slaughter, Jacob Armstrong

  • Charles Stone

  • Lovett H. Weems Jr., Tom Berlin

  • Jack L. Seymour

  • Jim Ozier, Jim Griffith

  • Karoline M. Lewis

  • Delivered every Wednesday, The Lewis Center's free e-newsletter leading ideas delivers articles by thoughtful, cutting-edge leaders on subjects you care about - navigating change, reaching younger people, financing your ministry, communicating effectively - to help you be the leader God is calling you to be

  • Discipleship Ministries of UMC


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    DATE RECORDED: Tuesday, March 15, 2016

    DURATION: 1 hr 3 min

    PRESENTERS: Jacqui King, Director of Leadership for Congregational Vitality

    How can leaders build a ministry team to address the concerns and conditions of people in the congregation and community so that people grow in their spiritual life and live as Christian disciples? Gain insights about ministry models that can help leaders to evaluate, plan and implement new ways of moving forward with fulfilling its mission of transformative disciple-making.

  • The Courageous Conversations project is aimed to help us move from skepticism to curiosity and even openness to encounter God’s grace. Courageous Conversations is a toolbox that local churches can use to inspire and encourage the church and individuals to stay at the table when the anxiety and emotional turmoil is painful.

  • 2015 Readers' Choice Award Winner It's increasingly clear that leadership should be shared―for the good of any organization and for the good of the leader. Many churches have begun to share key leadership duties, but don’t know how to take their leadership team to the point where it thrives. Others seriously need a new approach to leadership: pastors are tired, congregations are stuck, and meanwhile the work never lets up. But what does it actually mean to do leadership well as a team? How can it be done in a way that avoids frustration and burnout? How does team leadership best equip the staff and bless a congregation? What do the top church teams do to actually thrive together? Researchers and practitioners Ryan Hartwig and Warren Bird have discovered churches of various sizes and traditions throughout the United States who have learned to thrive under healthy team leadership. Using actual church examples, they present their discoveries here, culminating in five disciplines that, if implemented, can enable your team to thrive. The result? A coaching tool for senior leadership teams that enables struggling teams to thrive, and resources teams doing well to do their work even better.

  • SALT is an Emmy Award winning, not for profit production company dedicated to the craft of visual storytelling. In short, we love telling stories with colors, props, music, and those oh-so-lovely candid moments that help others catch a glimpse of who you are and what you do.

    If you are looking to create media that will inspire people to take action, please introduce yourself or check out our portfolio.

  • A Strategy for Discipleship That Actually Changes Lives

  • Designed to nurture the spiritual discipline of giving, Theology of Stewardship and Biblical Generosity may be used in a variety of Christian education settings or in conjunction with an annual stewardship emphasis. The resource is ecumenical and may be used for self study or with groups.

  • Out of 21-years of development, we offer not one but two core discipleship Courses: The EH Spirituality Course to deeply change your relationship with God, and The EH Relationships Course to deeply change your relationships with others.