Advanced Leadership Coaching Initiative

Change is a way of life and it is accelerating. Coaching is a methodology that allows us to work with change, on a personal, organizational and relationship level. Co-Active Coaching is based on the idea that the one being coached is “creative, resourceful and whole;” in fact, they are the “experts” in their particular context.

In the Fall of 2017, the North Texas Conference will launch an Advanced Leadership Coaching initiative led by 10 strong pastors and lay persons who have received a minimum of 60 hours of training through the Holmes Coaching group towards certification with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

These coaches are committed to asking powerful questions and walking alongside leaders to help them live into their potential, hold them accountable for forward action and assist them in meeting the adaptive challenges of ministry in this ever changing and complex environment.

This Advanced Leadership Coaching will be offered strategically in the Conference as a key leadership development strategy with the support of the Bishop, Center Directors and District Superintendents. Participation in this coaching opportunity will be limited, include 6 to 8 monthly coaching sessions held in person or by phone or video, and is completely confidential. This Advanced Leadership Coaching season is at no charge to the coachee and is funded through apportionments and special grants (a value of approximately $800-1000 per coaching season).