Co-Active Peer Coaching Initiative

Change is a way of life and it is accelerating. Coaching is a methodology that allows us to work with change, on a personal level, on an organizational level, on a relationship level. 

Co-Active Coaching is based on the idea that the one being coached is “creative, resourceful and whole;” in fact, they are the experts in their particular context. This Fall, we will launch a Co-Active Peer Coaching Network with a group of 9 excellent pastors who have received 60 hours of training towards certification with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  These coaches are committed to asking powerful questions rather than giving answers.  We believe coaches walking alongside leaders can help them live into their potential, hold them accountable for forward action and assist them in meeting the adaptive challenges of ministry in this new, uncharted territory.

4 Cornerstones of Co-Active Coaching

- People are naturally creative, resourceful and whole

- Being fully present in here & now

- Focus on the whole person - heart, mind, body & spirit

- Evoke transformation; committed to sustainable change

NTC Co-Active Coaches are equipped with 60 ICF certified hours of training with a mission to serve pastors

and lay ministry professionals in our churches.

To apply to receive a coach, send a letter of interest to your District Superintendent.

Coaching sessions will begin in Fall of 2017.