Clergy Fruitfulness Initiative

Clergy are invited to participate in a six-month process of personal and professional assessment on the anniversary of their ordination in five-year intervals. This process is intended to cultivate a culture of affirmation for responding to the call and professional development.

The Clergy Fruitfulness Initiative (CFI) is designed to undergird the life-long journey of developing clergy leadership. Starting with those in their 5th year following ordination and every 5 years proceeding, clergypersons will join with their classmates in a time of reflection, renewal, resourcing, and celebration.  


As a means of honoring those who have been ordained to a lifetime service in ministry, the Clergy Fruitfulness Initiative provides professional development for clergy in the North Texas Annual Conference helping them to Live as a faithful disciple, Lead effectively in their place of ministry, and Develop fruitful ministries in their particular mission field.

The Clergy Fruitfulness Initiative seeks to:

Engage participants so that they will be cultivated to bear fruit in their ministries

Honor clergy so that they will be inspired and encouraged for fruitfulness in ministry