Youth Academies

  • June 3 - July 15, 2017

    For current sophomores, juniors and seniors in high school. The Texas Youth Academy is a two-week summer experience for selected high school students to deepen Discipleship through theological education, spiritual formation and Christian Community.


    Youth will participate in an intensive encounter with the Christian life that will leave youth confident that God is shaping their future in radical and exciting ways, make life-long friends, learn and play.

  • Spring Forum and Summer Youth Academy

    Perkins School of Theology and Durango Colorado

    These programs were designed to foster an interest in young people for theological learning and inquiry, and nurture Christian youth in their vocational discernment and leadership development. 

  • Develop the next generation of youth leadership. Use the Leadership Lab, developed by Young People‚Äôs Ministries, as a tool to help young people develop leadership skills that will set them up to succeed in living out their faith. Versions of the lab are available for senior high youth and for youth in 6th, 7th and 8th grades. The inexpensive Leadership Lab resources are completely adaptable and reproducible after initial purchase with no additional workbooks or continued cost. For more information, go to