Civil Rights Bus Tour

For 4 years, a group of youth pastors has been leading and facilitating Civil Rights Bus Tours over the Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend. We have gone to Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, and Arkansas to learn more about the history of the civil rights movement, examine the present, and look toward the future for how we can eradicate racism by living out the gospel. We are taking another tour to Little Rock and Memphis on the weekend of January 13th, 2017. We are expanding this trip to allow for any 7th to 12th graders in the North Texas conference who would like to participate. The trip includes food, lodging, bus rental and driver, museum tours, civil rights speakers, and all activities for a cost of $225. Unfortunately, we do not have scholarships but strongly encourage the youth to request support from their local congregations. This is one of the most transformative trips your youth will have the opportunity to experience. Please help us spread the word. 

If you wish to go on the trip, please fill out the application here

Applicants will be notified by the end of November

Adults will be chosen so that there will be 1 adult for every 5 students